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Ner LeElef
26 de Junio de 2008 | 06:23:35

Es un proyecto de capacitacion en Kiruv para Rabanim y Avrejim que cumple su Quinto año en el CCSD. El objetivo es brindarles las herramientas básicas de kirub, para luchar contra la asimilación y satisfacer una generación sedienta de valores eternos.

Contacto para Sudamerica. Lic. Gabriel Falestchi

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Presentación de NerLeelef en ingles.

Shalom everyone...

As we enter the 21st century, the Jewish nation is facing a state of crisis. The current rate of intermarriage and assimilation has spread like an uncontrollable flame, affecting world Jewry at an unprecedented rate and at global proportions. The overwhelming losses over the last quarter of a century, coupled with the projected figures for the future, threaten to destroy a major percentage of the Jewish people.
The challenges facing world Jewry are clear. Sound solutions must be implemented quickly, efficiently, and on a global scale.


  • Who we are
  • Admissions
  • Placements
  • Resource Center
  • New ventures


    Who we are
    Ner LeElef has developed a number of dynamic, comprehensive men’s and women’s programs that develop the skills and provide the blueprints for Jewish leadership, placement, and community service in any Jewish community. Most of the training programs are held at the Ner LeElef Center in Jerusalem, though there are programs in South and North America and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States.) Each Ner LeElef program provides its students with a solid foundation in Torah knowledge, Jewish philosophy and ethics, teaching methodology, and personal self-development, especially in areas of community management, leadership, interpersonal skills, and public speaking.

    Placement by Position:

    Ner LeElef runs more than 14 concurrent leadership training programs in English, Spanish, Russian and French most of which are between one and three years in duration. Initially, core communities were identified and targeted in North America, South America, Russia and France, though today, there are graduates in hundreds of other communities as well. Many of these graduates have begun new communities or outreach centers, and some have built entire infrastructures from scratch. In this way, the enormous void in leadership, education and rabbinic services being sought by communities is now being addressed.

    Admission by a couple to a Ner LeElef program is highly selective and is based on academic achievement, character, relevant accomplishments, and the desire and fitness to serve the Jewish public in the Diaspora. Though the commitment of our graduates is to work for two years, in most cases the level of achievement and dedication is such that they choose to remain in the field.

    Ner LeElef graduates have taken positions in 6 continents and are currently in 44 countries:

    Argentina               Australia               Austria               Belarus              
    Belgium Brazil Canada Chile
    China Colombia Cordoba Costa Rica
    Curacao Czech Republic France Germany
    Gibraltar Greece Guatemala Holland
    Hungary India Israel Italy
    Latvia Lithuania Mexico Moldova
    Norway Panama Peru Poland
    Portugal Russia Scotland South Africa
    Spain Sweden UK Ukraine
    Uruguay USA Venezuela Zimbabwe

    Placements by country - currently out in the field:

    Resource Center
    Ner LeElef houses an extensive resource center exclusively for Kiruv professionals. The center is constantly being updated to include the most cutting-edge, practical information for those in the field. The center contains books, periodicals, videotapes, and audiocassettes to assist Kiruv professionals and students.

    New ventures
    Ner LeElef is continually modernizing our modes of operation. We recently began videoconferencing lectures internationally. Our lecturers regularly address audiences in the U.S. and Russia, and we are currently in the process of updating our equipment and organizing other series as necessary.


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